A set of large trestle tables have served Taplow events for many years. They are believed to date from the late 1800s, and were given to the village when Plessey left Taplow Court in 1988. Over the years, the original tables have become damaged and some have both woodworm and rot. In 2018 HTS put some money towards replacing a few of the tables and the first 5 made their debut at the Society’s Village Green Party in 2019.

The new Tables and Trestles are the property of the Hitcham & Taplow Society (HTS).
HTS is happy to loan them for local community use free of charge provided that borrowers:

  • Book and agree the period of any loan of the Tables & Trestles with the Keeper.
  • Make arrangements with St Nicolas’ Churchwardens to collect Tables & Trestles from the Church Crypt and safely return them there within the agreed period.
  • Use the supplied clips to hold tablecloths, and do not use drawing pins, nails, staples or similar on the tables.
  • Agree to promptly repair to the approval of the Keeper any damage suffered by the Tables & Trestles during the period of their loan.
  • Agree to promptly replace to the approval of the Keeper any Tables or Trestles which are lost or damaged beyond repair during the period of their loan.

The new tables are a bit smaller than the old ones (2.44m x 0.73m rather than 3.66m x 0.77m) so they should be easier to handle. They are not light though: they are designed to last and to not blow around in the wind, so it is best to have two people to move them around (and more for getting them in and out of the crypt!). Each table comes with a pair of trestles (actually plastic saw-horses) and a set of tablecloth clips.

Contact the Keeper:

Andrew Findlay
2 Cedar Chase
01628 633962