The Jubilee Footbridge project timings


Planning and development issues within Taplow were the principal reasons behind the creation of the Society.

Taplow planning applications, the Taplow Neighbourhood Plan and the SBDC Local Plan have their own pages but there are also wider planning matters that can affect Taplow and these are carried here.


Closure of Household Waste Sites
We responded to the BCC consultation (without any success)

Unitary Authorities
We have submitted comments to the Secretary of State in favour of two Unitary Authorities for Buckinghamshire

Thames Riviera Hotel
We have resubmitted our objection as the application has been revised.

Heathrow Airport is now (February 2018) holding its own consultations for the third runway. These are much more detailed than the earlier government papers.
The consultation information is at: You can make comment at:
We have made a submission from the Society which is at: HTS Heathrow

The government is holding consultations on the proposed expansion of Heathrow.
HTS has raised concerns as to potential effects of this on Taplow and our submission is at: Heathrow Expansion Submission

The Cycleway proposal
BCC have committed to go ahead with the scheme, implementation starting spring 2018

HTS, TPC, Cllrs G Sandy, Dev Dhillon and Burnham residents met with MP Dominic Grieve after a guided tour of the Cycleway route. We believe that we convinced Dominic of the absurdity and waste of public money of this proposal and hope he may be able to persuade BCC  to return to the table.

Bucks CC is bringing back the A4 cycleway proposal essentially unchanged. We have written to the Maidenhead Advertiser  calling for a public meeting to explain  and have issued a Press Release
As at 10/8/17 BCC have agreed to reinstate right turns into Berry Hill in an unspecified manner but are standing firm on all other matters.
A set of questions  has been sent to Councillor Shaw that HTS is a signature to.
BCC Cycleway responses

Wycombe District Local Plan
This plan proposes 750 houses close to Taplow and is expected to generate more traffic to the A4 and through Taplow. We have objected to the lack of infrastructure development.
Wycombe Local Plan

Unitary Authorities
There is pressure on Local Government to reorganise in the light of the withdrawal of government funding. There are two proposals submitted to the Secretary of State for reorganisation within Buckinghamshire. One is for a single authority for all of Bucks, the other is for two authorities – north and south.
The two proposals can be found at:
A single authorit

Two authorities

The Slough Plan carries proposals that intrude into the Green Belt adjacent to Taplow
Slough Local Plan

The Royal Borough Plan proposes intense development. We are concerned for traffic implications on the A4

RBWM Local Plan 2013

Thames Riviera Hotel
Although in Maidenhead this application has strong visual impact in Taplow
Thames Riviera Hotel
The application has been rejected by RBWM