Neighbourhood Plan

The Taplow Neighbourhood Plan

Taplow Parish Council has approval to create a Neighbourhood Plan to cover the whole of Taplow Parish.
A Neighbourhood Plan is the lowest level of planning policy that is recognised when a planning application is considered. It is subordinate to the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and the Local Plan (LP) and should not repeat anything contained within those plans. It is enabled by the Localism Act.

The plan is being developed by a Working Party that includes several members of the Society. Full information on the plan and background is held on the Parish web site The Plan will allow us to control what development can take place in Taplow.

The Working Party has distributed a questionnaire to all Taplow addresses to solicit thoughts on the shape of the Plan. Please take time to consider what you want to see develop in Taplow and what you wish to protect. The committee is preparing a response on behalf of the Society