Planning Applications

HTS reviews all planning applications within Taplow

Applications affecting Taplow are listed on the Parish web site When the Parish Council has objected, the objection is also listed.

You can also check the details of Planning applications on the South Bucks website. For a general Taplow search select “Advanced” and then “Taplow” Parish, then eg. “pending” and a range of dates for the “Application Received” boxes.
The site now gives access to most of the documents and forms submitted with each application.

If you wish to make a planning objection yourself, go to Object to an application and enter the reference code to find details. Mail your objection to

Applications are routinely decided by planning officers. To ensure that an application is determined by the Planning Committee of SBDC Councillors, there must be at least ten individual objections made. These have to be distinctly worded. Submissions sent as part of a mailing campaign are treated as a single objection.

Submissions by the Society on planning applications are listed as Objections

When a planning application is made, the applicant has no legal requirement to publicise the application at all, although they are advised to do so by the Council. There is a limited requirement on the District Council in regards to advising neighbours / adjacent properties. This can be read in detail at: Publicity

If you think the Society should be concerned about an application, please write to so that we can consider raising an objection.