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Taplow Rail Users' Group


TRUG Merges with MMPA

TRUG has now merged with the Marlow-Maidenhead Passengers' Association.

TRUG's first AGM - 11 July 2006

Please come along to the AGM, to be held at 7.30pm at the WI Hall, Institute Rd, and get TRUG off to a flying start.

TRUG needs support to secure the much-needed station improvements, not only to make the station presentable for August 2006 but for the long term. We have already put a strong case for improved rail services to First Great Western.



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-- JamesBeckett - 23 Jun 2006

23 Jun 2006 22:58:09 JamesBeckett:

Jon - I've shamelessly lifted the AGM notice from the current newsletter. Do you want to write something at the top of this page about the aims of TRUG? - I could just copy that wholesale too.

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